Early English for Children from 3 Years on

Method and Course Contents

The Early English course aims at offering children an understanding of the English language through a playful approach, allowing them to enjoy the foreign language acquisition.

The children are exposed to the new language in a natural way by covering daily themes in English, such as animals, colours, body, eating and drinking, toys, clothes, festivities, holidays, etc. Through repeated, situational actions, word emphases, facial expressions and gestures, a new vocabulary is made accessible to the children without having to be consciously "learned".

Diversified activities, like for instance songs, roleplays, rhymes, suspenseful stories, movement games as well as creative colouring and handcraft are chosen according to the age.

In addition, the children are motivated through the use of a "native English" hand puppet to communicate in the new language.

Each child receives an English folder, in which the covered activity sheets are collected, in order to offer the parents the opportunity to follow the learning contents at home.

Locations and Times

The lessons can be organised in kindergartens or in the primary school of your child, on demand also at your private home.

The lessons take place once a week and are carried out in small age-based groups of 6-12 children. One teaching unit consists of 45 minutes.

The entry throughout the current school year or a free trial lesson is possible at any time.


The course fee per child is 20 Euro per month. There is no additional charge for application or lesson materials.




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